Be the Monster!

Learn what it takes to be a NPC

So you want to be a Monster?

As this is a high fantasy game (such as Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones) we need people to fill the roles of Monsters and Merchants. They are collectively known as NPCs (Non-Player Characters). During the event you may be a Goblin attacking the Heroes, and then become a Noble to recruit the player’s to your cause right after. ┬áIt’s exhausting and rewarding all at the same time.

(Please note: Our LARP is only for players 18+ Years of age due to insurance and content.)

Being a NPC is a great way to “get your feet wet” in LARP. As a NPC you will learn the game rules under the guidance of the PLOT team and fellow NPCs. You will have a blank “Hero” in our database, where it will collect Experience points for each event you attend, just as a regular player would.
You also earn valuable Goblin Stamps! These are a “virtual currency” that Alliance Alberta uses for in-game item purchases, extra Experience points. You can find more about Goblin Stamps in the Alliance Rule Book (ARB) page 149

Being a NPC also is a bit cheaper than being a PC. At the site we currently hold our summer events at, we are charged per person per night. We ask that NPCs pay a portion of this cost as compared to a PC that pays more.
Lastly, you can also attend for just the Saturday. Come out after 9am, NPC until late into the evening (around midnight) then head home. It costs you NOTHING (nada, zilch, zero) to come out for just the day.

We supply all the make-up, costuming, prosthetics, weapons and armour for NPCs. All you need is black clothing (sweatpants, black jeans or old dress pants, shirts etc) a good pair of “not white sneakers”, such as hiking boots, combat boots or something similar and a couple pairs of socks (that is not a joke, you can sweat or get your feet soaked during an event). You want something with good support, good grip and preferably water resistant.

If you are interested in attending an event as an NPC, please fill out this form and preferably, hop onto Facebook and speak with our Head of PLOT, Abbey.

Below is a link to our PDF- NPCing 101 and our NPC Packing List to help you out a bit.

If you are interested in being a NPC, please fill out the form below. It will be sent to our Head of Plot (Nichole) and she will contact you as soon as she can.

(Please note: Our LARP is only for players 18+ Years of age due to insurance and content.)

| or Call: 403-769-1909

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