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So you want to be a Hero?

(Please note: Our LARP is only for players 18+ Years of age due to insurance and content.)

You want to swing a sword or sling some spells?
You have come to the right place!

The first thing you will want to do is download our Alliance Rulebook (known as the ARB):

Alliance Rulebook
It’s a FREE PDF. You can go print it at Staples if you wish.

We know there is a lot to take in. We run New Player Orientations at Myth Games & Hobby Inc. the Saturday before each event at 4:00pm. We also have a FaceBook Group and there are our forums where you can learn about the game as well. Keep reading for a lot more information (you have been warned!)

Here is a great LARP video from Mo Mo O'Brien who LARPs out in Ontario. We have shared this with her permission. It’s one of the best intro to LARP videos we have seen.

We were very fotuenate to have Telus Optik TV come out this past November to do a segment on our group:

The rulebook will tell you all the details that you need to know, but here are the basics:

Every character in Alliance Alberta will start out with 15 Build Points. All of our skills have costs. When you attend an event, you gain Build Points. You then spend these on skills that you learn in game from other players.

The Classes in Alliance are very close to things you would see in a tabletop RPG such as Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder, or in video games like World of Warcraft and Skyrim.

We have Fighters, Rogues, Scholars (our Wizards), Adepts (a Rogue/Scholar), Templars (Fighter/Scholars), Scouts (Fighter/Rogues) and we have an Artisan Class. The ARB details these on page 48.

Our Races are listed below. We have a National Race package (again FREE PDF) that explains the basics of the race such as costuming requirements (which are MANDATORY), how they interact with the world and any restrictions they may have (as an example Biata cannot cast Celestial Magic). These are strictly enforced things. The reason? Your character can travel to other chapters in Alliance and you play there just as you would in Calgary. When you go to another chapter, each race is basically the same with national guidelines (High Orcs are always green, High Ogres are always yellow and Biata can never cast Celestial Magic as examples.)

We also have Racial Chapter packages that explain how our races are specifically for our Chapter. This allows us to hone our races to our story.

Barbarian Barbarian Dryad Elf Elf Human Human Mystic Wood Elf Mystic Wood Elf Orc Orc Saar Saar


Biata || Dark Elf || Dwarf || Selunari || High Ogre || Hobling || Stone Elf || Wylderkin

If you want to learn more about specific topics please click on any of the following links (they are also in our Pages menu)
Getting Costumed up || Donations and Goblin Stamps || Your First Weekend || The World of Calandonia

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(Please note: Our LARP is only for players 18+ Years of age due to insurance and content.)

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